Are you curious about how our products work and why they are the best to buy? Take a look at the videos below to help you.

Have you just bought a nice new shiny set of Global Knives? Make sure you look after them and keep their edges sharp. To show you the best ways of sharpening your knives, take a look at the video below for advice from Emily Roux! 

Pump Fresh  is a new vacuum cannister from Pioneer. It has proven to keep food fresher for longer, longer than any of its competitors in the market today.

By pumping the air out of the container, food will keep fresher for a longer. This minimises food wastage and therefore saves you money in the long run!

The Vektra kettle apromised to keep water hot for up to 4 hours! This means there is no need to keep reboiling, saving you electricity, energy and money.

Ben Grunwerg demonstartes the Neoflam pans.