An inside peak... The Rockingham Forest 5-in-1 chopping board!

Friday, 11 August 2017
An inside peak... The Rockingham Forest 5-in-1 chopping board!

Prepping a family meal in a small kitchen that doesn’t have a lot of side space is difficult enough without the added stress of dirty pots piling up beside the sink and different chopping boards strewn across the only areas of bench space left. It can make cooking a nightmare.

So we are proud to present the brand new Rockingham Forest 5-in-1 cutting board!It is a cleverly designed chopping board with non-slip feet and pull-out surfaces for every occasion. These surfaces comprise of:

1st Face: Plain Surface – A smooth & tough surface designed for chopping and slicing fruit and vegetables.

2nd Face: Hollowed Surface – A smooth & hollow surface that is perfect for mincing and dicing vegetables and meat.

3rd Face: Spiked Surface – Made to aid in the safe carving of joints. Simply stick your meat with the metal spikes and carve away without the added stress of a moving turkey.

4th Face: Serving Tray – An added bonus to this already innovative chopping board. You can use this serving tray to dish out the selection of cheeses that you cut earlier.

5th Face: Slotted Surface (Rectangle) – Only available with the rectangular board, this slotted surface is designed for cutting bread.

5th Face: Sectioned Surface (Round) –  Only available with the circular board, this sectioned face comes in handy when slicing pizza and/or cake evenly.

Each surface is made from bamboo, a natural and hard-wearing resource, making it a forest friendly alternative to end-grain and edge-grain chopping boards which are usually made from standard woods.

Depending on the shape you choose, the sizes range from 36cm to 40cm giving you enough space to chop your vegetables and prepare your spices all in one go.

How many chopping boards do you own and what do you use each for? Let us know your answers on Facebook & Twitter.

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