Go Camping with Grunwerg

Friday, 15 September 2017
Go Camping with Grunwerg

Summer is officially over and, although most people enjoy a summer camping trip, a lot of us also enjoy the brown leaves and crisp air of autumn for our outdoor holidays. After all, nothing beats curling up around a fire in blankets!

Minus the important essentials that aren’t food related (e.g. tent, lighting, games) we’ve put together a little Grunwerg checklist with the  products we believe you will benefit from on your outdoor retreat - no matter where you decide to pitch yourselves!

Food & Drinks Flasks

Whether you’re camping in the far reaches of France or in the highlands of Scotland, the journey to your destination can be a long and tiring one. That’s why we’d recommend packing a flask of coffee and soup. Halfway through your journey plan to stop off so you can snack and refresh before continuing on your way. Once at your destination, flasks are brilliant to use as cups and bowls with the added option of attaching the lid to keep the contents warm when packed.

We’d recommend: For your drinks flask, our NEW Pioneer SVG range as they come with a foldable handle, removable carry strap and leakproof stopper. We don’t call them our outdoor flasks for nothing! Our food flask recommendation, the Out for Lunch HIB flask, is also a new product and offers easier eating and handling with its wide design, which is great to use as a bowl for a toddler.


If you’re hoping for a cheap and cheerful camping holiday, you’ll probably want to opt for a lunchbox for sandwiches on those days that you’re away from the tent. If you’re preferring something a bit warmer, some lunchboxes now have stainless steel insides that can keep your food warm for a few hours.

We’d recommend: Whether you prefer sandwiches or warmer food, our stainless steel Double-Decker Snack Boxes have a steel lining to help trap the heat or keeps your sandwiches cool & fresh for longer.


There’s one thing that us Brits can’t do without in the morning and that’s a special shot of caffeine. Whether it’s a cup of tea or a mug of coffee, it’s a necessity to help you start your day. Are you a stickler for basic style camping? You’ll be needing a stove-top kettle to brew your morning tea. Maybe you are a comfort camper with the need for electricity? A thermal kettle ought to do the trick!

We’d recommend: Looking for a kettle to sit on top of your camping stove? Our HTK collection are suitable for all types of hob, have a stay cool knob and let off a whistling tune when finished boiling. If you’re looking for the perfect vacuum kettle for camping, you’ll find it in our Kinox range. Cordless with a button for either keeping the water warm or for pouring it, the Kinox kettle is a brilliant choice for those camping with children.


You’ve got a camping stove but do you have the equipment to cook that Full English? Probably not. When choosing which pots and pans to take camping, think about WHAT you will be cooking and HOW you will be cooking first. Preferably, you’ll only want two pans as they’re not light and can take up a lot of space when packing into a car with a large family.

We’d recommend: Commichef MFL Pro frying pans come with lids (important when tackling the weather) and are suitable for most any cooking hob. Commichef Pro MSL saucepans, again, come with lids and are suitable for all cooking appliances. We recommend packing a frying pan for foods such as eggs, bacon, steak and saucepans for meals such as soup, beans and rice.


It’s all well and good packing pots and pans, however, don’t have the utensils (or forget them) and you’re left in a sticky situation.

We’d recommend: The 5pce Nylon Headed set comes packed with the essential tools for cooking such as a serving spoon, turner and ladle, alas, if you’re going to be barbecuing you do need a set of tongs too. Our all-purpose stainless steel utility tongs are cheap and cheerful enough to do the trick.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the essentials and get your camp on!

Which camping essentials would you pick? Send us your comments via Twitter & Facebook.

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