Michel Roux Jnr praises Global in GQ Magazine

Friday, 25 August 2017
Michel Roux Jnr praises Global in GQ Magazine

In a recent article in GQ Magazine, Michel Roux Jr provides a very inspiring insight into Le Gavroche, and talks about his preferred 'Kitchen tools', which includes his number one... Global knives!

The article, written Wednesday 23rd, was in celebration of Le Gavroche’s 50th anniversary. Cass Chapman, GQ Journalist and food writer, asked Michel Roux Jr a series of questions regarding the kitchen tools and ingredients he couldn’t live without. One of the questions posed to Michel in the interview was, “If you could have only one knife, what would it be?”. A simple yet difficult (for some) question.

Michel ddn't even have to think twice for his reply: “A Global knife. The knives are beautiful and they feel great in the hand. And Global is a family-run business, which is very, very important.”

It comes as no surprise that Michel Roux Jr favours our knives, as a Grunwerg family friend and through the Roux Scholarship, however, it is still very much an honour that he still, after so many years, chose our knives above the rest!

You can read the full article ‘Michel Roux Jr chooses his kitchen essentials’ on the GQ website, and see our full Global range here, or Michel Roux Jnr range here.