New Products Available Now!

A glimpse into some of the new and exciting products to grace our warehouse shelves this season:




The latest addition to the GS range, this chopper boasts an 8cm blade with hook hole and a hollow-weighted handle.

TIP: This small knife works with precision when cutting and dicing cheese and herbs.


Kitchen Shears & Block

A brand new concept to the Global range, both the shears and block are made from high quality stainless steel and offers a more protective solution to storage.

TIP: Place on kitchen counter next to knife block for easy & organised access.



Beautifully crafted out of Ash wood and German steel, these premium knives are finished with a traditional hammered effect creating a non-stick cutting experience.

TIP: Store the knives in a wooden block for a warmer kitchen feel.


Vegetable/Nakiri Knife

Traditionally used for vegetable preparation, the squared off edge of this 16cm blade allows the user to cut without a horizontal push and pull motion. The Granton Edge reduces food suction.

TIP: The dimples in the blade are particularly effective against moist vegetables like zuchini or potatoes.



Brilliant for cutting and dicing larger cuts of meat like steak or shoulder of pork, the Cleaver cuts through large chunks of raw meat better than any other knife.

TIP: For better power and grip when cutting those stubborn meats, rest your thumb on the spine of the knife.


Ceramic Sharpener

Made to complement the Equilibrium range, this 30cm ceramic rod has a sophisticated look and an easy grip handle for improved balance when sharpening.

TIP: Either hold the rod at a 20 degree angle away from the body or place the tip down on a solid surface to sharpen.


4 Piece Steak Knife Set

A family set of steak knives with German steel blades and well-balanced POM handles to complement any tableware setting. The Granton Edge ensures precision and ease when slicing meat.

TIP: If storing the knives in a kitchen drawer point the knife edges downward to ensure safety.


6 Piece Knife Block Set

This six piece set contains all of the home cook essentials: Chef Knife, Carving Knife, Bread Knife, Utilty Knife & Paring Knife.

TIP: This block set contains all of the knives needed for basic food preparation.


6 Piece Magnetic Rack Set

Lavish and practical, this knife rack allows the user easy access to their knives during food prep whilst having them on show. The set contains: Chef Knife, Carving Knife, Bread Knife, Utility Knife & Paring Knife.

TIP: Have the rack attached as high as possible to keep away from prying hands and mischievous pets.


9 Piece Knife Block Set

The perfect set for those just starting out in the cooking world or those looking for a shiny new set of tools. The compartmentalised block contains: Chef Knife, Carving Knife, Bread Knife, Boning Knife, Santoku Knife, Utility Knife, Paring Knife and Scissors.


RFW-186C, 186M, 186F

Single Whetstones in Coarse, Medium & Fine Grit

Sized at 180mm x 60mm x 15mm, these standard whetstones are brilliant for small to medium knives and come with a non-slip base. 

TIP: Start with ROUGH grit, then MEDIUM grit and finish with FINE grit for a polished sharpening routine.

RCW-186CM, 186MF

Combination Whetstones in Rough/Medium & Medium/Fine Grit

Just slightly taller than the single whetstones at 30mm in height, the combination whetstones are budget-friendly and fantastic for beginners.

TIP: The smaller the number, the rougher the grit. 

RFW-248C, 248M, 248F, 248S

Supersharp Pro Single Whetstones in Coarse, Medium, Fine & Super Fine Grit

Bigger and bulkier at 240mm x 80mm x 40mm, these professional whetstones can be used for larger knives and again come with a rubber pedestal.

TIP: Use this stone with our new Equilibrium cleaver for an easier sharpening technique.

RCW-248CM, 248MF, 248FS

Supersharp Pro Combination Whetstones in Coarse/Medium, Medium/Fine & Fine/Super Fine Grit

Longer lasting due to their size and space saving compared to two single water stones, the pro combination stones are great for the sharpening enthusiast.

TIP: Each side is colour-coded depending on grit - BLUE is ROUGH, YELLOW is MEDIUM, GREEN is FINE & WHITE is SUPER FINE.


PVB - 350, 500, 750

Stainless Steel Bottle in sizes 350ml, 500ml & 750ml

Sleek, simple and all stainless steel - these flasks keep drinks ice cold for 8+ hours.

TIP: Pop some ice cubes in the flask to keep the liquid inside the flask colder for longer.


Patterned Stainless Steel Bottle in sizes 260ml & 500ml

From tropical themes to chic leopard print, these patterned versions of the PVB steel bottle are on trend for this seasons industry.

TIP: These flasks make a great Instagram picture when paired with a lush outdoor scene.

CMG - BK, BR, W, R

Out For Coffee Mugs in sizes 300ml & 420ml

The 'Out for Coffee' range is back with some brand new coffee mugs. They're leak-proof, easy to clean and better than ever!

TIP: These coffee mugs have been designed for use on public transport and in most car cup holders.

SVT - 380BK, 380W, 380BR

Tumbler with Clip Lock

With a matte or pearlescent finish, these tumblers have; a rubber non-slip base, built in strainer in the lid, clip lock flip lid and an extra lip to aid with drinking.

TIP: The flip lid on this bottle allows for one-handed use.

STD - 450S, 450W, 450R

Sport Bottle with Strainer & Handle

Fill the bottle with tea leaves or fruit and the removable basket strainer will stop any loose spices from escaping when in use. The removable rubber handle is smaller and easier to clip on compared to a fabric handle.

TIP: The handle can also be used to hang the bottle when not in use.


IJ- 450BK, 450W

1.2L Infuser Jugs

Available in either black or white, these pitchers work by pouring the inner liquid out through the fruit compartment at the top and have a removable neck with strainer for easier cleaning.

TIP: Don't just stop at water - infuse tea and spirits too!


2L Ice Pitcher

With a removable BPA FREE plastic core for ice straight from the freezer, dilution from melting ice is a thing of the past.

TIP: These Infuser jugs look great in a BBQ or picnic setting.